Hello from the Healthy Gems!

A big hello from myself (Jess) and Helena the newer members of the Healthy Gems project team.  The aim of the programme is to improve the health literacy of parents/grandparents and childminders caring for young children. We are providing a two-part course delivering up to date information on children’s health and wellbeing and encouraging those with strong connections in the community to attend and help to build an informal network, which we will calling “community grannies /grandads “


We are rolling out our new initiative across Greater Manchester delivering the programme specifically in areas of deprivation where we know health education can be poor, and parents/carers can feel ill equipped to care for their children when they have minor illnesses, and alternatively might not be aware of the worrying signs they need to lookout for.  


In the month of May we travelled to areas such as Wigan, Newton Heath, Gorton and have found the courses has been very well received by parents/childminders and grandparents.

Here are some quotes from a number of individuals who attended.


 “I feel more confident about self caring for my child at home first before going straight to the GP the minute she becomes unwell.”


 “I feel that I would be more confident in looking after my child and not just hand her straight over to her mother when she is unwell”


“Course was great!”


We plan to cover more areas in the upcoming months and will keep you updated on our progress!


If you would like any further details of the course, please contact: healthygems@sharedhealth.org.uk

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