Homelessness represents the most extreme end of health inequalities with the average life expectancy of someone who is street homeless estimated at 43 years. 

The health of homeless people deteriorates the longer they are homeless or vulnerably housed, and health also becomes a barrier to securing and maintaining housing. 

Homeless and vulnerably housed people often experience haphazard healthcare with high use of Accident and Emergency services and low levels of care planning, which results in high levels of cost to the system with very poor outcomes. 

SHF is working with Pathway Charity, which has pioneered a new approach to delivering healthcare to homeless patients.  

Supported by Devolution Manchester, SHF aims to develop further partnerships working with other charities to bring an integrated healthcare pathway for all homeless and vulnerably housed people in the Greater Manchester area.

This is to ensure that all homeless patients are seen by a GP and specialist nurse when they attend hospital and that a network of GPs with a passion for inclusion health is formed across the region.