Focused Care comes to Greater Manchester

One of the areas of good practice that SHF is supporting in Primary Care is Focused Care, a model of providing additional capacity into general practices in the most deprived areas. The aim is simple: make invisible patients the most visible and unpick the complex situations so that patients can move into a sustainable, less chaotic and healthier life.  SHF is working to extend the provision of this model, which has shown strong results for patient outcomes and also staff satisfaction and retention. 

Shared Health Foundation is working alongside Primary Care professionals to find ways to bring innovative solutions to reduce health inequalities and have secured provision for 10 - 50 practices in the most deprived areas of Greater Manchester to benefit from the Focused Care Model.

Journalist Rachel Pugh recently visited Hilltop Surgery in Oldham to meet Medical Director Dr John Patterson and Focused Care Practitioner Ruth Chorley.

You can read her piece in The Guardian here 


As inequalities are hitting deprived communities, those living in the poorest areas are facing a life expectancy over a decade shorter than those in the most affluent areas and in turn, GPs working in these communities require a different approach to address those health needs effectively.  Primary Care is the bedrock of the NHS. Delivering Primary Care in deprived communities is a tough job as many of these areas have been historically under-doctored with patients slipping through the net. 

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If you are interested in a position as a Focused Care Worker please see current vacancies here