The Shared Health Foundation (SHF) has been created as a result of the Oglesby Charitable Trust’s work looking at health inequalities across Greater Manchester.
The work of the SHF is moving forward at a pace. Below you’ll find a taster of some of the interests and projects that the Shared Health Foundation is currently involved in. We are also in the process of appointing a core team, with a mixture of paid and voluntary staff who will be leading on the various themes.

Focused Care

Focused Care is a model of providing additional capacity into general practices in the most deprived areas. The aim is simple: make invisible patients the most visible and unpick the complex situations so that patients can move into a sustainable, less chaotic and healthier life. The model has shown strong results for patient outcomes and also staff satisfaction and retention. 

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Healthy Gems comes to GM

Its hard being a parent or carer of young children, and it is even harder when your child is unwell. How do you know if they are really, really ill? What do you do if they are ill with a cough and a cold but are entirely miserable? How do you know when they have a temperature?

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Homelessness represents the most extreme end of health inequalities with the average life expectancy of someone who is street homeless estimated at 43 years. 

The health of homeless people deteriorates the longer they are homeless or vulnerably housed, and health also becomes a barrier to securing and maintaining housing. 

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Community Champions

It is early days, but SHF is hoping to bring you an exciting project where local people train to complete a unique and exciting physical challenge. We believe that everyone is responsible in some part, for their health, and that everyone can improve their health. This exciting project will give ordinary people the opportunity to be coached by the best trainers so that as part of a team they can go on to achieve something exceptional. 

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Working in Cancer

The evidence is shocking: If you come from an area of deprivation you are more likely to get cancer, you are more likely to present later and you are less likely to have successful treatment. The picture is complicated but SHF believes that how things are now, is not how things should be in the future. We are developing a partnership with Cancer Research UK with the aim of finding innovative solutions to help prevent cancer among people in areas of deprivation; to support patients and clinicians in early diagnosis; and support patients to ensure their treatment is completed. 

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